Targeted Customer Insight

Engaged Customers

Delivering Retail Customer Data & Analysis through SMART Digital Signage

This is the future of retail. Shoppar empowers retailers with live customer data to help them deliver targeted marketing messages. The software analyses customers on a variety of metrics and provides retailers and brands actionable and insightful data. Targeted products and services can be shown to customers at the point of sale to help them on their shopper mission.

Shoppar uses computer vision to understand a customers age, gender, mood, attention and interest. The data is delivered in easy to understand online dashboards that deliver actionable insights.

Marketing campaigns and customer intent are measured and used to increase sales.

Digital Signage

84% of UK retailers believe digital signage creates signifcant brand awareness.

Cheaper in long run v’s print

Increases engagement

Content remotely uploaded

Sales Tool

Customer interactions with Digital Signage CAN now be measure using Shoppar software to deliver targeted messaging and customer data.

The Solution

33% of Shoppers still happily buy from categories they had no intention of buying from before entering the store but who are they?

Advertisements targeted

Customers understood

Customer data captured

Targeted Marketing

Using Smart screens and cameras to serve a variety of content formats and measure customer response via live data feeds.

Increased conversion rate

Test product and service offerings

Gather live customer data


Always know what you’ll pay.



FREE software licence.


Facial Detection

Mood State

Attention Span

Face Trigger



One off £75 Software licence fee.

All data feeds
All content triggers
All content types

*All data is anonymous, Shoppar does not capture images or record footage. The App is fully compliant with Data Privacy Legislation.

The Team

Peter Ward

Peter Ward

Founder & CEO

20 years creating engaging customer experiences in retail.  Extensive knowledge of how big brands like Diageo, Cadbury, Red Bull engage and sell to their customers. Previously on the POPAI UK Executive Board.

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar


Developing high end Android software solutions since its inception. Heading our team of developers focused on creating the best retail analytics product on the market.

Kris Milne

Kris Milne


Our Rocket Scientist having previously studied Aerospace Engineering. Credit Suisse Lead Quant Analyst. Machine learning and data science specialist.

Chris Lang

Chris Lang

Team Lead

A specialist in organising teams and measuring their performance under tight deadlines with large deliverables. Helping us deliver a great product to our clients.

David Ivy

David Ivy

Non-Executive Director

Founder of dotMailer, an email marketing platform listed on AIM (.DOTD). Extensive knowledge in software development and online technologies.

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